J.F.Cobb & Sons - Healthy cows are happier and more productive, so we are always looking for ways to improve their wellbeing
No stone is left unturned in the pursuit of optimising the welfare of the cows on the Cobb dairies.
Caring for Cows

Caring for cows

All our energy is focused on keeping our cows comfortable and healthy.

We like to see our cows have access to pasture but obviously protect them from the extremes of weather when it is either very warm or wet and cold. We also keep cows inside after they have calved so that we can pamper them and tend to their every need. When they are in our barns they have super comfortable deep sand beds to lie on and plenty of space to walk around and socialise.

We have worked with vets and industry welfare experts to establish the best approach to looking after our Holstein cows to make sure that they are given the very best care - FACT:

  • FEED: Cows need 24/7 access to the best quality feed and water
  • AIR: Just like us, cows need clean fresh air
  • COMFORT: We’re not happy if our cows aren’t happy. Comfortable beds, shelter from the extremes of weather, and plenty of room are the order of the day.
  • TEAM: Cows need to be looked after by a dedicated, motivated and well-informed team of people, who always put the health and welfare of the animals first.

We work with a leading nutritionist to ensure that our cow diets are not only tasty but really healthy too.

Our vet visits one of the farms every day to help monitor cow health and welfare and every Monday our foot trimmer calls to keep our cows’ feet in tip top condition – a bit like a chiropodist for cows!

Two or three times a day the cows walk down to the milking parlour for milking and the milk is then rapidly cooled to keep it fresh before it is taken away to a dairy for pasteurising and bottling.