J.F.Cobb & Sons - Healthy cows are happier and more productive, so we are always looking for ways to improve their wellbeing
We have four guiding principles in our farming business. We passionately care for our cows and do everything we can to pamper them, we look after the land, we are proud to produce healthy, nutritious milk and we want to create an interesting and enjoyable place to work.


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Statement – JF Cobb & Sons

Thank you to our staff…
We couldn’t run the farm without our employees, who continue to be amazing.

A year of change…but what will be the impact for farmers?
Well, 2016 certainly saw some big developments globally, with the referendum result for Brexit and the election of Donald Trump in the USA.

Reducing antibiotic use…
One thing that we are particularly proud of is how low our antibiotic use is across our herds.

On the farm…
Once again, it has certainly been an interesting year to be a dairy farmer.

It’s good to talk…
We are members of a discussion group hosted by Kite for progressive.

Working as part of a team for a leading agricultural business, 10 miles from Dorchester.

Tractor Movements
After a tough harvest as a result of all the wet weather in August, we will shortly be starting maize harvesting – the last crop of the year to be harvested.

We’ve won an award!
We are delighted that we have recently won the The Chris May Memorial Award from National Milk Records, as the herd with the highest average lifetime daily yield.

Much is written about sustainability and agriculture.

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