J.F.Cobb & Sons - Healthy cows are happier and more productive, so we are always looking for ways to improve their wellbeing
We work closely with a number of other dairy farmers and this enables us to achieve the highest standards of performance and health and welfare, whilst reducing our environmental impact and driving sustainability into the heart of all our businesses.
Working with others

Working with others

We work closely with a number of local dairy farmers to share best practice and reduce operating costs. This collaboration helps us to achieve the highest levels of animal health and welfare, enhance production performance and pool our resources to make best use of our combined land area. It also enables us to achieve cost savings as we group buy inputs and share our machinery and staff.

What’s more, working together enables us to reduce our environmental impact and drive sustainability into the heart of all our businesses, whilst enhancing and expanding the conservation and ecological work already taking place on the farms.
All of these dairy units supply milk on a range of liquid milk contracts and we invest heavily in the businesses to ensure that our dairies provide the best possible facilities for the comfort, health and welfare of our cows and to protect the environment. Between us we run a diverse range of production systems.